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Here you will find out what an Affiliate Program is, what benefits it offers you and how to join it.
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What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a form of cooperation with our Store, thanks to which you can achieve significant benefits.

In the Affiliate Program, we share the profit with you in exchange for advertising our Store on your website. You earn when a purchase is made in the store by a customer who reaches us after clicking on a banner or advertising text placed on your website. The Affiliate Program will register such a purchase and automatically give you points, which you can then use when making your own purchases in the Store. In this way, you can buy products cheaper or even get them for free.


The most important information about the Partner Program

  • You can earn extra money in the form of points with which you will pay for your purchases in our store. The more customers enter through the link on your website, the more sales in the store and the greater profit for you.
  • You get points worth 10% of the purchase amount of "your" customer
  • After registering in the Store, you gain automatic access to the Partner Program. You do not have to wait for approval from us.
  • You don't incur any costs and you don't have any obligations. You can unsubscribe from the Affiliate Program at any time by deleting your account from the Store.
  • You can place any of our advertising banners on our website, or you can create your own banner or advertising text. It is only important that you link your Affiliate Link to the advertisement.
  • You can put any number of banners on every page or place on the Internet you have. The more places from which the customer can be redirected to our store, the greater the chance for shopping. And every purchase is an additional profit for you.

Are there any conditions to join the Affiliate Program ?

You can join the Affiliate Program if you are the owner of a website or place on the Internet (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc.), where you can place a banner or advertising text leading to the Store.

Joining the Affiliate Program is completely free and without any obligations. You can unsubscribe from the Affiliate Program at any time by deleting your account from the Store.


How does the Affiliate Program work ?

If the Customer enters our Store after clicking on the banner or advertising text placed on your website and makes any purchase, you will receive points depending on the amount of the purchase. You will also receive points when the customer makes a purchase within the next 30 days (1), even if entering the Store will not be preceded by clicking the banner. This is due to a cookie (2) that is saved on the client's computer when he visits the store for the first time after clicking the banner on your site.

  1. Time counted from the first visit to the Store, after being redirected by you.
  2. The customer decides whether cookies are saved on his computer. If the cookie cannot be saved on the Customer's computer, the 30-day cookie validity rule does not apply, as the Store's IT system will not be able to recognize the Customer as returning.


Is the Affiliate Program reliable ?

The calculation of points under the Affiliate Program is a process completely independent of us (as the Store administrator) and we have no influence on it.

The Partner Program mechanism is a component of the Store's standard software and its code is the property of an IT company. This ensures that everything is done completely transparently and reliably.


What to do to join the Affiliate Program ?

Simply create an account in the Store by registering on the website (click HERE). After registration you will get automatic access to the Affiliate Program (you do not have to wait for acceptance from our side).

You become a partner when you place a banner or advertising text on your website with a Partner Link to our Store. Just enough! From now on, the Affiliate Program will work automatically and will not require any commitment on your part.


How to place an advertising banner on the website ?

  1. Log in to your account in the Store.
  2. Go to the Customer Panel, and then in the "Affiliate Program" section click "Affiliate Program Banners". There you will see banners of various sizes and shapes, each of which has its own HTML code (if you do not see banners, disable AdBlock or another mechanism that blocks the display of ads). Choose the banner that suits you best and then copy its HTML code.
  3. Go to the back of your website (or blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.) - where you usually put your content.
  4. Place (paste) the copied HTML code in the selected place - that's all. The HTML code is associated with the advertising banner of your choice and will display it in the place where you placed the code.
  5. You can also create your own advertising banner, which you will place on your website. In this case, "hook" your Partner Link to the banner, which will lead to the Store.
  6. If you want, you can use the Affiliate Link not only in image advertising but also in any text encouraging to visit our Store. All you have to do is "stick" the Affiliate Link to a specific word or phrase, for example "See more" or "Click here".


Where can I put advertising banners ?

You can put banners or advertising texts on any number of your own websites or channels on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc.).

The more places from which the customer can be redirected to our Store, the greater the chance for shopping. And every purchase is an additional profit for you.


Don't suit to me the size of any of the banners offered.

If you have specific requirements for the size of the banner you want to put on the Internet, just contact us (LINK). We will try to prepare a banner that will suit your needs.

Also remember that you can always create your own banner and "hook" an Affiliate Link to it.


What is an Affiliate Link and where can I find it ?

An Affiliate Link is a web address, part of which is your individual ID (as our Partner). It looks like this:

The Affiliate Link is generated automatically during registration in the Store, therefore in the place marked xxxxxx will appear a string of characters identifying you in the Affiliate Program. From now on it will be your individual affiliate link.

The Affiliate Link can be found in the "Affiliate Program Banners" section at the very bottom. You can use it in your own banners or advertising texts placed on the Internet.

Note that the Affiliate Link also forms part of the HTML code for banners offered by the Store in the "Affiliate Program Banners" section. Thanks to this, the Affiliate Program is able to recognize which of the Partners should be awarded points for purchases in the Store made by the Customer after clicking on the advertising banner.


I can't put an advertising banner on the page. What to do ?

If you can't put the banner yourself, ask your site administrator for help. For him, it's one of the simplest activities, so he'll do it in a few moments.


When can I use my Partner Program points ?

Points accrued by the system can be used from the moment when the order is paid by the customer and manually approved by us.

Points are confirmed manually because the bank does not provide automatic notifications about payments made. That is why every business day we check in the bank which orders have been paid and, accordingly, we manually approve points for such orders.


How much are points in the Affiliate Program worth ?

Each 1 euro (*) spent in the Store by the customer is 10 points, and the value of each point is 0.01 euros. In other words, for every euro spent by the customer, you will receive 10 eurocents (10%), in the form of a discount for your own purchases. The average value of purchases in our store is around 100 euros, so expect a profit of around 20 euros for buying each customer.

* applies to any other currency after conversion into the currency of the Store

How to buy using points from the Affiliate Program ?

If you have approved points, you can use them to make purchases in our store. When placing an order, a window will appear on the basket page, in which you can enter the number of points you spend on paying for the order (you can allocate all your points or part of them). When confirming the order, the amount of the order will be shown minus the points you pay.


How to check how many points I have accumulated from the Partner Program ?

Log in to your account in the Store, and then go to the Customer Panel.

In the "Affiliate Program" section you can check:

  • the number of entries to the Store by clicking on your advertising banners
  • the number of points accumulated from the Partner Program
  • points status (calculated | approved | used)


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