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What is the difference between a symmetrical and asymmetrical wave shelf?
In the symmetrical shelf, both halves (concave and convex part) have the same length.
In the asymmetrical shelf, the concave part constitutes about 2/3 of the entire shelf length. Since cats usually prefer rest in a concave part, in this version the cat has more space for himself.


I have a wall made of plasterboard (G-K). Can I attach a shelf to it?
The load on the shelf can be quite large, especially when the cat jumps on it. For this reason, it is desirable to attach the shelf to a solid foundation. Such a base is a wall made of concrete blocks, solid bricks, perforated bricks, hollow bricks, supertall or similar materials. Unfortunately, plasterboards (G-K) do not belong to the category of solid substrates and therefore we strongly advise against installing the shelf to such a substrate. The exception is the situation when the drywall is only a cladding of a solid foundation (when used instead of plaster). There is then no contraindication to the assembly of the shelf on such a substrate. However, it is necessary to take into account the appropriate length of dowels and the use of additional metal washers under the heads of the fixing bolts, in order to enlarge the surface of the impact of the shelf on the G-K board.


Can I increase or decrease the arc of the shelf by myself?
The construction (base) of the shelf is made of elastic sheet metal. In the production process, we give the shelf optimal, in our opinion, bending, which is both "well received" by cats and pleasing to the eye. However, if you want to give the shelf a slightly different shape, deepening or flattening the bending of the metal substrate, it is possible. Just use the strength of your hands before mounting the shelf. After the shelf is properly installed, it will be completely rigid and stable.


What will I need to fix the shelf to the wall?
To attach the shelf, you will need dowels, Ø10 mm concrete drills, drills, a hammer and a wrench (size 10 mm, preferably a "ratchet" type) to screw in the screws fixing the shelf. It will also be useful to use a vacuum cleaner to select dust from drilled holes, and possibly also a wall installation locator (if you are not sure whether any installations are installed in the planned installation place).
The dowels together with the screws will be delivered together with the shelf.


Do dowels that are attached to the shelves you buy are suitable for mounting shelves in a wall made of soft materials (eg suporeks) or in a wall with empty spaces (eg checker brick, block brick)?
The set and the shelf are solid universal dowels, which are usually well suited for all types of substrates, including soft and empty spaces. They are so-called pivoting and prestressing pins.


How to fix the shelf to the wall?
The assembly is very simple. First mark the drilling location of the first hole in the wall and drill this hole. Then place the shirt of the expansion pin in the hole and fasten the shelf with the screw. Do not tighten the screw as far as it will go, but let the shelf rotate on it. If you are going to fit the shape of your shelf a bit to your taste, do it now. Then set the shelf in the target position and mark the locations of the next drilling. Drill the holes you need, insert the plugs in the dowels, and then screw the shelf to the stop using screws. After proper installation, the shelf will be very stiff and stable. The assembly details include assembly instructions, which will be delivered together with the shelf. 


The mattress shelf has a thickness of 4 cm. And what is the total thickness of the shelf?
The construction of the shelf is made of metal covered with a fabric, so the thickness of the construction is just a few millimeters. The mattress is 4 cm thick, so the actual total shelf thickness is about 4.5 cm.


Is the metal bottom of the shelf visible?
The metal bottom of the shelf is covered with fabric, the same from which the mattress covers are made. So it is completely invisible, and therefore the whole shelf is aesthetic and looks very elegant.

Are the elements fixing the shelf to the wall visible?
The elements fixing the shelf to the wall are completely invisible, because they are covered by a mattress.


Will the shelf be stable after installation and will not sag?
After proper installation, the shelf will be very stiff and stable. It will not bend under the weight of a cat.


Some shelves are sizable. Will one person be able to fasten such shelves or do you need more hands to work?
Despite their dimensions, the shelves are really light. The largest one (100x31 cm) weighs only 4,1 kg, and two hands are enough to mount. So one person will manage with certainty.


The deadline for the order is up to 10 business days. Why so long?
As far as the shelves for cats are concerned, there are well over 1,500 customizable combinations of mattress and shelving colors as well as the types and sizes of shelves. Dog beds are a richer range of possible combinations of shapes, sizes and colors. For this reason, all products are made by us to order - officially within 10 working days, although we usually realize orders faster. We try to have selected popular items from our offer available "on the spot".


What is the shelf made from mattress?
The mattress is made of very soft polyurethane foam. This material is widely used in furniture making. The foam has a thickness of 4 cm and is placed in an aesthetic cover (case) of thick, soft material, very pleasant to the touch. 
The material is solid and will last for a long time. It is worth noting that the cover has a zipper, so from time to time you can wash it and give the shelf a fresh look. You can also wash the entire mattress (pillowcase together with the foam).


Can the mattress be washed?
Yes, you can wash the entire mattress with the cover.


Can the mattress cover (pillowcase) be removed from the mattress?
The cushion has a zip on the long edge. So it can be easily removed to wash or replace.


Can I order extra mattresses separately?
Yes, you can order extra mattresses (foams with covers) separately. There are 11 fabric colors to choose from: cream, beige, brown, chocolate, purple, red, navy (faded), gray (light), gray with a drop of brown, anthracite and black. 
You can see all colors at the beginning of this catalog.


Is the assembly instruction attached to the purchased shelf?
Yes, the assembly instructions are attached to each shelf. 


How is the mattress attached to the shelf?
The mattress is attached to the shelf with solid Velcro, making it stable and does not move when the cat jumps on the shelf. At the same time, it can be easily attached and removed if necessary.


Are the materials used safe for cats?
For the production of shelves we use only non-toxic materials that are widely used in products used by people. They are certainly also safe for animals.


How long the shelf warranty is.
We offer a 5-year warranty on the metal shelf structure. The mattress and pillowcase are not covered by the guarantee due to the possibility of damage / destruction by the cat in the course of normal use. The exception is if the buyer finds a defect in the performance of the mattress when collecting the product.


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