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This is Grania and Jerzy, owners the GRANIA company & 4MyPet store. Let me introduce ourselves closer.

We are parents of three children, as well as carers of three cats
: Timi, Jago and Nemo. Timi we adopted in 2014; Jago and Nemo a year later. Our house was not very well suited to the needs of cats then. We saw how their natural instincts made them climb to various high furniture. Observing this, we came up with an idea to make special furniture for them to "walk on the walls". However, we wanted something more than simple shelves. We had a vision of shelves comfortable and safe for cats, and at the same time beautiful for us and for everyone who visits our home.

Managed to. We have developed and for a few years we have been producing completely untypical furniture, which is exactly what we wanted for our cats. They are the first testers of our products, as well as the models on most of the photos that we show in our store. And thanks to them, the product line marked 4MyPet was created.

How do we work? Above all, we are advocates of good and solid work - that's why our products are refined in detail and durable, and at the same look nice. We create all our products ourselves, in a small plant near the house. See how our workshop looks like and how the products are made.

We believe that you share our passion for four-legged friends and want to provide them with the best possible conditions for fun and relaxation. That's why we invite you to purchase. Don't wait and give your cat a little luxury right now!

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